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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

ImageAfter a whole year a decided to finally post something in the Dev Log. So my new years resolution for this year is to update it more frequently.

Sunshine Beach Volleyball is nearing completion and is almost ready to be released. I already started on a new project but I can't tell what that is. So stay tuned.

I'm working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 for a while now and decided to upgrade to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. There are several reasons for that. One of them is that Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 is bugging in dual screen mode. Since I use it all the time the crippled interface of 2003 is fixed in the 2005. Another reason is that my partners also are using 2005.

Like all Microsoft products switching to something new isn't going smooth.It's not just install the 2005 version of Visual Studio as I thought it was. The main reason is that the STLport library is integrated with it and offcourse differs alot from the old version. Alot of files have to be altered and to be compiled. That's why I have many time to write this dev log. With every change you have to recompile the whole project and that takes about more then an hour. So today is alot of waiting, waiting and waiting...


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