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The year is 2123. You are a proud pilot of earth’s elite space fleet.
Suddenly, all hell breaks loose, and your elite squad is ordered
to take off immediately. Earth is under attack! It’s your task to defend
it, and find out what’s really happening out there.

.S.C.A.G. is a side scrolling action game that mixes the good old
2D side scrolling and top-down view action games, with 3D graphics .

This demo includes the first 3 levels of .S.C.A.G. and let you face one of the bosses. Shoot enemies to find the rockets powerup.


Note: this demo does not include new levels and new graphics!

Submitted On:
22 Mar 2009
Submitted By:
Z0r Games (salvation)
File Date:
26 Dec 2007
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