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Written by Z0r Games   
Tuesday, 10 February 2009

 When you start creating a game you always have to put in mind that it can be published in other countries. It's real funny to see that your game is translated to another language. My game was translated to Russian, a beautiful language... until you notice it bring new bugs.When artists make menu's they focus on making every button and panel just as big as English text. But if you translate that to Russian, suddenly those buttons and panels are to small. Just like what happened with my project. Just lucky for me I don't have to fix that.

Another problem is that russian isn't XML compatible. When a Russian name pops up in the XML get's screwed up. This means that when a russian player get's in the top2, only the top2 is showing instead of the top10 because it's generated from an XML. Russian people also finds it funny to delete text keys from the language file. Especially the parts they translated a month ago. Suddenly you have undefined keys in your game and have to find out what translation was in that place.

In the end I guess Russians just want to give us more work so they can do more dancing and build cool planes.

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